LED high voltage light belt

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  • led灯带厂家Scientific Arrangement

    Highlight LED chip

    After continuous reform innovation, improve
    Luminous efficacy of LED chips, science
    Arrange, even light, natural color development

  • led灯带厂家Translucent clear

    PVC soft glue

    Use environmentally friendly PVC transparent soft glue, clear bright light transmission, resistant
    Flame retardant materials, can be placed anywhere

  • led灯带厂家Flexible soft board

    Leave it to you

    Selection of high-quality "FPC flexible version", which can be bent rolled freely
    Folded around, according to the layout of the space, arbitrarily placed.

  • led灯带厂家Single double light strip

    Choose what you need

    Don't need too bright atmosphere effect, come
    Just a single row of light strips, I want to brighten
    Excellent results, choose double row
    Light bar

Choose Junsheng
  • Production
  • Planning
  • Solution
  • Short lead times
  • After sales service
  • led高压灯带
    Independent production, complete varieties, high cost performance

    Mainly produces LED patch light strips, LED patch rigid light bars, etc.
    Introduce advanced automated production equipment have a high-tech professional team

  • led高压灯带
    Production planning process, strict control, excellent quality

    Planning process management, each process has strict quality control
    The product has strong stability, long service life good lighting performance

  • led高压灯带
    Provide large engineering solutions

    We can provide professional solutions according to specific conditions.
    Hundreds of large-scale engineering lamps have accumulated production can reasonably solve various probl

  • led高压灯带
    Complete specifications, short delivery cycle

    Strong production capacity, professional assembly line operation; diversified styles
    Perfect logistics system to ensure convenient transportation

  • led高压灯带
    Professional after-sales service team, product guarantee

    Engineers provide 24-hour technical support to answer your questions quickly
    Professional pre-sale consultation, targeted after-sale tracking, intimate service, more at ease!


Zhongshan Junsheng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production  sales of LED linear lighting.

The company's main products are linear lighting products such as led low-voltage strips, led high-voltage strips, rigid strips,  aluminum linear lamps.

The company has a group of high-quality  high-tech professional  technical personnel  engineers, as well as a large number of sales  service personnel in all provinces cities, to provide consumers with quality products  caring services

The company is  only committed to the rational use of linear lighting

Provide the most cost-effective products

It also provides consumers with differentiated lighting finishing solutions suitable for different products in different scenarios.

The company's main business: led high-voltage light strip, led low-voltage light strip, led light strip manufacturers.



  • led灯带厂家
  • led灯带厂家
  • led灯带厂家
  • led灯带厂家
  • led灯带厂家
  • led灯带厂家
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  • led低压灯带
  • led低压灯带
  • led低压灯带
  • led低压灯带
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