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What is the light color of the led high voltage lamp strip?

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What is the light color of the led high voltage lamp strip?

2019-12-24 14:16:47

The light color choice of the led high-pressure lamp strip is mainly determined according to its own decoration style hue. Warm white is recommended for general home decoration. This light color is between yellow white light. The light color is comfortable, the brightness is moderate, the decoration effect is warm. . The decorative effect of the white led low-voltage lamp is refreshing neat, the light color consistency is good, which is suitable for simple style. The main effect of the yellow light LED is warm, but because the yellow LED lamp beads have a low luminous efficiency a dark light effect, the light color is dull. It is recommended to use multiple beads.



When it comes to led high-voltage light strips, people generally think that it is energy-saving. LED is only an English abbreviation. The full name is semiconductor light-emitting diode. The principle of LED light is a high-brightness white light-emitting diode light source, but the role of LED in the bread showcase Is it just because it saves energy, obviously the real reason is . The light softness of the LED was mentioned in the previous period because of its low power all the heat it emits is very small. This is "the small amount of heat". This is the main reason why it is widely used in bread showcases, especially the LED strips we mentioned. . With high light efficiency, low power consumption, safety environmental protection, soft light color, colorful, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green environmental protection.

    The brightness of led high voltage lamp strips depends on the light color on the one hand, the number of LED beads in a unit on the other. The same light color, the more LED beads in the same unit, the higher the brightness. According to the current mainstream home design requirements, the required brightness in open spaces such as living rooms is relatively high. You can choose four- five-wire light strips multi-bead patch strips, while other brightness requirements are relatively low. In the room, you can choose four three lines of low medium brightness light strips patch lights with fewer lamp beads to bring decorative lighting. Products such as the round second line, because the number of LED lamps in the unit are relatively small, the brightness is relatively poor, so it is generally used for outdoor decoration.