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LED light strip manufacturers estimate that the occupation rate of LED indoor lighting products may reach 50% in 2020

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LED light strip manufacturers estimate that the occupation rate of LED indoor lighting products may reach 50% in 2020

2019-12-24 14:15:49

  In 2010, China's annual LED output value reached 120 billion yuan, of which the overall scale of downstream applications reached 90 billion yuan. Some experts predict that by 2015, the output value of LED application products will reach 400 billion to 500 billion yuan. In 2010, relevant agencies conducted a survey on the time when LED lighting fixtures replaced traditional lighting. The results of the survey interviews revealed that the industry is more optimistic about the development trend of LEDs replacing traditional lighting over a period of time.



Service life: The service life of the led low-voltage light strip is technically 50000-100000 hours,  the actual use can also reach 30,000-50000 hours. Due to the high voltage, high-voltage LED strips generate much more heat per unit length than low-voltage LED strips, which directly affects the life of high-voltage LED strips. Generally, the service life of high-voltage LED strips is around 10,000 hours. In 2016, semiconductor lighting fixtures will occupy 50% of the market. Most people in the industry believe that the occupation rate of LED indoor lighting products in 2020 may reach 50%.

    Look at the cleanliness of the surface of the led low-voltage lamp strip. If the led low-voltage lamp strip produced by the SMT process is used, the surface cleanliness is very good,  no impurities  stains can be seen. However, if a cottage version of the LED engineering light strip produced by the hand soldering process is used, no matter how the surface is cleaned, stains  cleaning marks will remain,  flux  tin slag will remain on the FPC surface.

    There are many small packaging factories, because they do  have a color separation  color separation machine, so they do  separate light  color,  they are outsourced, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. LEDs that have  undergone light separation  color separation have poor color consistency,  the effect is  so good when they are mounted on the LED strip. Regular manufacturers have sophisticated test equipment. The lamp beads undergo strict spectroscopic  color separation, good consistency, high cost,  other packaging materials are used differently. Of course, the price difference is also relatively large.