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LED lights with poor solder quality, what are the adverse consequences

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LED lights with poor solder quality, what are the adverse consequences

2019-12-24 14:14:52

The manufacturers of led light strips distinguish one kind the hard LED strips the other one the flexible materials. LED rigid light strips are assembled with PCB rigid boards. LEDs can be assembled by attaching LEDs by inserting LEDs. The advantages of LED rigid light bars are easier to fix, more convenient to process install, the disadvantage is that they cannot be bent at will. The LED flexible light strip uses FPC to assemble circuit boards, uses patch LEDs to assemble. The thickness of the product is only a coin thickness, does take up space, is easy to bend, suitable for various shapes.

     The chips used in LED strips include domestic Taiwan chips, as well as imported chips (including American chips, Japanese chips, German chips, etc.) Different chips have different prices. Expensive are US chips, followed by Japanese chips German chips, moderately priced are Taiwan chips. At present, there are many packaging factories in China, there are thousands of them, of course, there are also different strengths.



The chips used in LED light strips are commonly 3528 5050. This is the type represented by the length width of the lamp ball. Generally speaking, European American chips are of good quality expensive, Taiwan ’s chips are better than domestic ones. The price is It is cheaper than Europe the United States, the domestic price is cheaper, but the quality is also worse. Therefore, it is necessary to choose some affordable products, the quality will be too bad. The structure of the LED light strip The structure of the LED light strip has a sleeve a glue, the user can choose a sleeve a glue according to his own preference.

     If the LED light strip manufacturers over-squeeze the product during the installation of the light strip, the chip of the light strip is damaged the solder joints are deformed fall off but bright. The LED strip has a small amount of solder, the solder joints easily fall off. The soldering quality of LED strips is good, the solder joints of LED flexible strips are prone to embrittlement peeling during the bending process. The solder mask layer of the light strip circuit board is too thick, the solder the circuit board cannot be completely fused together during welding, which is also a false soldering phenomenon.