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LED light strip manufacturers teach you how to calculate the power of LED light strips

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LED light strip manufacturers teach you how to calculate the power of LED light strips

2019-12-24 14:12:47

Flexible whole body light belt can save more than 80% of the energy consumption cost. Glass neon light consumes 5-8 times the power of flexible neon light. Flexible whole body LED light belt, which can be bent to a diameter of 8CM, can be used in any scissors. The mouth is cut, so it needs to be bent into various texts graphics. It is similar to the ordinary rainbow tube in nature, making it as safe convenient to transport as the LED rainbow tube. With a special card slot, you only need to nail the card slot during installation. OK, just click on it, it's as convenient reliable as ordinary wire installation.

     The power supply voltage of the led light strip manufacturer should be consistent with the voltage indicated on the LED light strip, install appropriate safety devices; during use, do cover it with any object to cover the LED light strip; the interface must be firm free of hidden short circuits; outdoor installation At the time, each interface must be sealed with waterproof glue to ensure that no water enters the interface. If the LED strip is installed in cold weather, it can be powered for a few minutes to make the lamp body soft pliable, then power off the installation....



Manufacturers of led light strips, please note that SMD light strips cannot be pressed. Do damage the connection lines on the circuit board when assembling connecting. Turn on the power during the assembly of the light strip, only turn on the power when it is connected, installed, correct. In order to ensure the life of the light strip, it is recommended to pull the power cord during the use; It is recommended to bend in an arc below 60mm in diameter, do fold in half to avoid damaging the lamp beads causing the board to break.

     How to calculate the power of LED strips: Based on 12V 5050 60 lamps per meter, each lamp bead is about 0.24W, the power per meter is about 0.24W / bead * 60 beads / M = 14.4W / M. In terms of power supply selection, we believe that the power of the light bar should exceed 80% of the rated power of the DC power supply. For example: 5050 one meter 60 strips of light, 14.4W per meter, 10 meters 60 bead LED strip power is 14.4W / M * 10M = 144W, the required power supply must be (144 divided by 0.8) = 180W the above.