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The free choice of the color of the light strip should be based on what choice

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The free choice of the color of the light strip should be based on what choice

2019-12-24 13:33:53

  LED power supplies on the market all have short-circuit protection, the input voltage range is wide, it is safe to use easy to burn out. The conventional 12V light strip can be cut by 2.5CM the width of the light strip is 4mm narrow. It can be flexibly applied to counters, shelves other products that cannot be installed with high-voltage light strips. Symphony lamp with programmable, can achieve led display effect various effects. The main disadvantages of wholesale low-voltage led strips are that they are easy to install the cost is high. The led low voltage light strip needs to be used with led power supply (transformer), the number of light strips is different. The required power quantity of led power supply are different, which increases a certain amount.的成本。




The color of the light strips can be freely selected. It should be said that everyone has their own preferences. Generally speaking, the ceiling is generally light white other light colors. According to the use of the room, the living room is generally yellow blue. The feeling, especially in the cold winter, can be more appreciated. Blue can make your room appear taller, more profound, more connotative. If you want to be happy, red is also a good free choice. Other red blue light strips, if equipped with a controller, are full of dynamics can experience the breath of modern love. The restaurant should be yellow. Study, children's room should choose yellow, color. One room is better in one color.

    The led low voltage light strip is limited by the pressure drop, so a single length is recommended to be 5 meters each. More than 5 meters need to be connected in parallel, to pull the main line. The wiring of colored lights with synchronous effects is complicated, requiring certain skills hands-on installation capabilities. Led low-voltage light strips are currently mainly used in interior engineering, counters, shelves, light boxes products. The led low-voltage light strip can also be waterproof, is also suitable for some outdoor places, such as swimming pools. Symphony is often used for KTV outdoor lighting projects, such as lighting festival effects.